Reiki Healing

Reiki is an incredibly relaxing and potent energy healing modality that has the potential of helping in the balance of energy and daily life.  When it comes to energy, we are all connected.  Reiki is the name given to that energy that connects our higher-self to everything that is around us.  Reiki is a technique through which the practitioner focuses the flow of healing energy towards the client in general or towards specific body structures.  This allows the body to use this flow of healing energy as it sees fit to heal itself.

A Reiki session can last anywhere between 45 and 60 minutes depending on the client and the ailment being treated.  Reiki is excellent for balancing and realigning chakras and can be a truly restful and relaxing experience.

In a Reiki session, you will lie on your back with your eyes closed, while the practitioner uses various hand positions to increase the flow of Reiki energy throughout your body.  Some people feel nothing during the sessions while others report feeling heat or tingling.  In either case, everyone feels more relaxed and refreshed after a Reiki session.

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