Santa… Do You Believe?

So this is Christmas 2020…  Our first Christmas in BC.  I expected a green Christmas considering what BC weather is like.  I’ll admit, I was secretly wishing for a white Christmas.  The kids too…  just not as secretly.  I’ve always wanted the kind of winter where snow falls just before Christmas and lasts through theContinue reading “Santa… Do You Believe?”

Nothing Normal About This New Normal

So…  This is what they are calling the new “normal”.  I simply refuse it!  Not in a way that defies reality, but in a way that won’t qualify it as normal.  Let’s be truthful, there is nothing very “normal” about the situation most humans are finding themselves in.  Self-isolated, confined to being in our homesContinue reading “Nothing Normal About This New Normal”

Hello 2020

It’s a new day, a new month, a new year and a new decade!  Wow!  And it’s also a repeating numbers year: 2020.  It promises to be grand!  Alright so I may be a little overly excited about the new year.  I know I’m not the only one.  Everyone seems to be a little excitedContinue reading “Hello 2020”

Who Are You?

Self-love is a prerequisite for self confidence.  Similarly, self knowing is a prerequisite for self-love.  It can be very difficult to love what you don’t know, or rather, who you don’t know.  Imagine loving yourself if you are not sure who you are, or what you stand for!  Who are you really? When asked thisContinue reading “Who Are You?”

Switching Gears

Striking that perfect work-life balance may be what every entrepreneur, especially mompreneurs, strive for.  In the past few weeks I’ve managed to find some sort of balance where I was picking my kids up early from school and daycare in order to have more time to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been getting inContinue reading “Switching Gears”

Celebrating Motherhood

This journal entry was written in my personal journal on Mother’s Day 2018. Today, in many parts of the world, it is a celebration of motherhood.  Something that I personally celebrate throughout the year with special moments I get to spend with my mother and watching my kids enjoy their time with Grandma.  I amContinue reading “Celebrating Motherhood”

SMART Goals Are Not So Smart

I’ve been living by SMART goals for as long as I can remember.  I’ve recommended that clients set SMART goals to help them progress on their Journey.  So, you can imagine how floored I was the first time I heard the sentence: “SMART goals are not so smart.” I was sitting in class for myContinue reading “SMART Goals Are Not So Smart”

A Vision of Giving Back

As humans, we have a tendency of focusing on the things we don’t want. Once we shift our perspective and focus on what we do want we are able to change our reality. It is however important to keep in mind that the universe is about giving and receiving. If you expect to receive allContinue reading “A Vision of Giving Back”

A Vision for Your Finances

Let’s talk about money!  And let’s face facts, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves, and others, that we don’t work for the money; that we do our job because we love it and the money is only secondary; money remains a necessity.  It is the currency of our lives as we knowContinue reading “A Vision for Your Finances”