Daily Wisdom – February 13, 2018

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Daily Wisdom – February 11th, 2018

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May Baydoun- Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 11th, 2018

Daily Wisdom – February 10th, 2018

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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 10th, 2018

Daily Wisdom – February 9th, 2018

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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 9th, 2018

Daily Wisdom – February 8th, 2018

Sometimes, the Universe gives you a little more to think about.

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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 8th, 2018 part 1
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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 8th, 2018 part 2

Daily Wisdom – February 7th, 2018

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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily wisdom for February 7th, 2018

Daily Wisdom – February 6th, 2018

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May Baydoun – Life Coach – Daily Wisdom for February 6th, 2018

A Vision of Your Spiritual Self

May Baydoun - Life Coach - A Vision of your spiritual self
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It may seem strange to start your vision setting with a vision of your spiritual self.  After all, there are so many other aspects of your life that are so much more interesting to explore, like money, health, relationships…  We will get to those in due time.  For the time being however, the focus needs to be on the Self.  The reason behind this is that the Self is the creative center for every other aspect of your life.

Your ability to create and manifest the life you want stems from within.  So, if within is dark and gloomy, you will create dark and gloomy on the outside.  If within is grounded, positive and radiant, it will be reflected onto every other aspect of your life as well.  Essentially, whatever is happening on the inside: your mindset and your heart’s voice; will be mirrored in your health, relationships, etc.

Take the time to think of who you really want to be as a human being by the end of 2018.  Do you want to be at peace with yourself?  Do you want to be more giving… loving… patient?  Do you want to put yourself first more often?  No matter what you choose as the vision of your new Self, spend some time envisioning yourself during the Holidays next December.  What are you like?  Who is with you?  How are you feeling?  How do you feel about who you have become?  Hold your focus on that vision.  If you enjoy writing, I suggest you write your vision down and revisit it daily.  Otherwise simply make time to visualize your vision daily.

The more specific you are with the vision of your spiritual Self; the more things will shift in your life to get you to where you want to be.  This does not necessarily mean that you can sit back, arms crossed over your chest and wait for your self to magically be transformed.  It does however mean that events will happen to trigger your thinking and way of being so that you can develop and evolve into the person you want to be.  What you need to do is be open to these “triggers” and e open to exploring how you react to them and why it is that you react in that specific way.

Personal growth and transformation happen when you become uncomfortable enough to change your ways.  By setting a vision of your spiritual Self, you are inviting the Universe to make you uncomfortable enough to get to where you want to be.  Enjoy the journey.


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Setting a Vision for 2018

Setting a Vision for 2018
Setting a Vision for 2018

Every year in January, after all the Happy New Years are said and done, I start hearing a buzz of new year’s resolutions.  While resolutions are a great way to start the new year on a positive note, they are often too vague and lack the requirement of a commitment.  It’s like a way of saying: “I will try to achieve this, but if I don’t, then I’ll just try it again next year.”  It simply won’t work.

A few years back I started setting goals for myself instead of taking on resolutions.  I went about setting SMART goals.  The kind that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Sensitive.  I have to say that setting goals allowed me to stick to what I wanted to achieve.  In my opinion, goal setting is a much more co-active way of planning out what you wish to achieve in the new year.  It put’s you in control and is more of a hands-on approach that resolutions can ever be.

Some time last year, it came to my attention that SMART goals are not all that smart…  In truth, SMART goals limit us in what we can achieve.  Essentially, having specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive goals puts a cap on what we achieve.  Goals set using this approach keep us in our comfort zone and limit us in attaining our highest potential.  I will be dedicating a whole article to this in the near-future, so stay tuned.

When I learned how limiting SMART goals can really be, I changed my approach.  I now set a highest vision for my upcoming year.  A vision of what I want my life to be like in 365 days from January 1st.  What it will look like, what it will feel like, what it will be like…  You get the idea.

In 2017, I set a vision of myself as a better person.  A person who lives with passion and on purpose.  A person with clarity and balance in her life at home and in her business.  I am very pleased with the way 2017 turned out.  Having a vision shifted my focus from the how I was going to do it to what it was I wanted.  Everything fell into place.  The Universe delivered and what I wanted is now what I have, only better than I could have ever envisioned it.

So for 2018, I encourage you to set a vision.  A general vision for the year as well as visions for specific aspects of your life, such as a vision for your work or career, one for relationships, one for your health, one for your spiritual self and so on.

In my upcoming articles, I will guide you in setting these more specific visions for 2018.

Until then, I wish you love and many blessings.



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