20170314_113011Like everyone out there, I’ve had my share of ups and downs in my life.  There was a time in my life when I thought of myself as the failure of my family.  The one who had all the diplomas but did nothing with them.  That’s when I used to take people’s opinions to heart.  One comment that stuck with me is and really hurt was: “You don’t really contribute anything to society”.  How’s that for an ego buster.  Looking back now, the saddest thing about that comment was that I believed it.

Those days are long gone!  Back in early 2015, I set out to rediscover myself: my drive, my passion and my purpose.  I read so many self development books, went to seminars and motivational events and applied all that I was learning to my personal life.  I began to transform.  I reshaped my belief system, I regained confidence, I set goals and set out to achieve them.  One of those goals was to become a life coach and share all the gold nuggets that I have learned with others.  Well, I’m there!  I’m a certified life coach and I specialize in helping people get unstuck!

My mission is to help people get clear on what they want and build a plan for their lives based on what their desires are.  I do this by assisting my clients in building on strengths, improving on weaknesses and removing limiting beliefs and barriers.  Rather than dictating the way for the client, I allow my client to find their own path on their journey. Each milestone achieved along the way is a BIG DEAL and is an event to be celebrated!

So tell me, what would you like to be celebrating in the next week?  The next month?  In three months?  What about a year from now?

Are you ready to rise?

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