A Holiday 2022 Wish and Gift

It’s Christmas Eve morning and I’m sitting in my living room staring out of the window at all the snow that has fallen in the past 24 hours. I’m enjoying my coffee as I think back to the year that has so quickly come and gone.

It isn’t always easy to see our blessings when we are in the thick of living life. But in hindsight, we can clearly see that even the less pleasant events of the year were blessings in disguise.

Over the years, I’ve come to adopt a few traditions, or rituals, as part of my year-end holiday celebration. They allow me to let go of one year and step into a new future with ease and grace.

Allow me to share…

The first thing I do is wind down for the holidays. In the days leading up to Christmas Eve, I stop going to the stores. No last minute shopping. The reason for this is that it gets stressful. The energy of it, and the collective, is a rushed and stressed vibe that I don’t particularly enjoy. As years have passed, I’ve come to learn the importance of putting my well being at the forefront of everything I do. I understand that how I feel is radiating into my home and to the people I love and share my life with. Why bring in a scattered and stressed energy when what I truly crave is peace and joy.

This might be different for you. And it’s important to make choices based on what you feel is best for you.

The second thing that I do, and this is what I am contemplating this morning, is to look back at my year and all the wonderful blessings that have come my way. All the things I am grateful for. My achievements, my breakthroughs as well as my lessons learned and my personal growth. I feel it’s a little illusionary to only be grateful for the good things. It’s also important to feel gratitude for the events that led us to growth and lessons learned.

I think my biggest lesson this year has been about boundaries. Not only setting personal boundaries, but also respecting my own boundaries without wavering on them or making exceptions to “keep the peace”. It wasn’t a pleasant lesson to learn, but I assure you that I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for the learning of it.

The last thing I do before the end of the year. This is usually something I work on between Christmas and the New Year. I write up a list of 100 things I want to “manifest” or create in the coming year. I hand-write this list on regular lined paper. At the top of the page I write: “In 2023, I have…” and begin my list. I always scan or take pictures of the pages to keep in my phone for reference. The paper hand written copy I will burn in my fireplace or rip up into small pieces at midnight as the year changes. This releases the energy I have poured into writing my list into the Universe. I will review the digital copy of the list at the end of the year to see how much I achieved. More to be grateful for!

I would love to know what your holiday traditions are. How do you transition from one year to another. If you don’t have any traditions and would like to start something, feel free to give mine a try.

I have a little gift to get you started. I have created a list of 50 ways you can crush the things that keep you from happiness and success. You can access this free document below.

On a final note, I want to wish you a very blessed holiday season. Regardless of what you choose to celebrate and how you choose to celebrate, I hope you are blessed in every possible way.

May 2023 be your best year yet.

Published by May

May Baydoun did all the “right” things and followed all the “right” steps. But she knew deep down that there was more to life than getting an education, getting married, having children... There had to be more than just the cards you are dealt. Watching her children play, she overheard her daughter saying “... just like mommy”. The sudden realization that her children, her daughters especially, would grow up to be just like mommy frightened her deeply. She was the role model of what a woman can be in this life and at that time, May wasn’t satisfied with who she was nor what she stood for. She was nothing more than her mother had shown her to be... A woman in her thirties, married with young children putting her dreams and ambitions on a permanent hold to raise a family. In that moment, she fully understood that she could not expect her children to become more or better than she was willing to be herself. It was a harsh reality check; and in that moment, she made the decision she would become the best version of herself she could be because she HAD to be the best possible role model for her children. That powerful decision, her awakening, meant that she could no longer accept the average life she had led up until that point. She set out on a wild journey of deep self-discovery. Not only of who she was, but who she wanted to be and how to become that woman who had that life. Along the way, she made the discovery of the law of attraction and suddenly her whole life made sense. The good luck... The bad luck... The past decade of her life. It all made sense. She had created it all. And if she could create it, then she could dis-create it and re-create something new. She began testing the theory and in no time was proven right. Fully trusting the Universe, she allowed herself to be led on the journey. She has had the beautiful blessing of learning from so many great thought leaders and piecing together the many pieces of life’s intriguing puzzle. Over a decade later, she has discovered her life purpose, and is living it fully. Now that the student has become a master, she teaches others the principles that have led to her radical life transformation and how they too can leverage (or hack) the Universe to get anything they want... without breaking any of the laws!

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