Santa… Do You Believe?

FC1C9421-CDD0-4347-950E-AB8D8AA1558ESo this is Christmas 2020…  Our first Christmas in BC.  I expected a green Christmas considering what BC weather is like.  I’ll admit, I was secretly wishing for a white Christmas.  The kids too…  just not as secretly.  I’ve always wanted the kind of winter where snow falls just before Christmas and lasts through the holidays to then melt away in the early days of January.  It seems this year, I’m getting exactly what I wished for.  A perfect first Christmas in our new home in BC.

As Christmas’ pass me by, I find myself more and more convinced that there is something truly magical about Christmas.  Somehow, things just seem to magically happen around this time of year.  Christmas miracles…  Maybe there really is a Santa.  For those who believe, of course.

I for one am a believer.  No, I don’t think there’s a jolly old man who comes down my chimney on Christmas eve to leave presents behind because I’ve been a good girl all year.  That’s a little creepy!  But there is something about Christmas and Santa in particular that makes miracles possible.

I vividly remember a November day eight years ago when I turned to my husband and declared: “This year, for Christmas, I want a baby or a puppy!”  Well, I guess Santa heard that declaration!  My husband went on an oversea trip in the month of December.  Here turned home late on Christmas Eve.  My son was conceived that Christmas morning and I was to find out two weeks later.  I learned two things that Christmas:

1. Be specific about what you want and leave nothing to chance.

2. Christmas has a special kind of magic that delivers miracles in the most unexpected ways.

I believe in Santa.  It might not be a jolly, fat guy in a red suit…  But I believe in Santa much like I believe in God, or the Creator, or Source.  I can’t really prove the existence of any of it.  But I can’t disprove it either.  I’ve seen enough evidence in my lifetime to live through faith.  To me, Santa is a mirror to the Universe and how the Law of Attraction works.  You ask him for what you want, you have to believe you can get it and be open to receiving it.  The bottom line is you have to have unwavering faith in possibilities.  Be it Christmas or life in general, you must have unwavering faith in the simple fact that miracles happen every day, in every way and no matter where you find yourself today, your miracle is on its way.

Published by May

A Mind-Body Wellness Advocate dedicated to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, May began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. Although still a certified trainer, she chooses to change the world one person at a time from her clinic in the west of Montreal where she practices. A certified sport therapist, she has accumulated a collection of certifications in various health and healing modalities that allow her to effectively fix human bodies. Try as you might, you cannot take the personal trainer out of May. She has expanded her healing practice to include life coaching with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.

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