Day 20: Family Get Together

It’s the beginning of spring and each year, as a family, we celebrate Norooz. Better known as the Persian new year. Every year, we get together at my aunt’s house for a lunch. We each bring something to eat and have a feast. And I’m not kidding when I say feast. I usually don’t bring anything because my mom cooks enough to compensate for 4 families. This time around, I had no choice. Very few people are eating Keto in my family. Other than my aunt and myself, everyone else is perfectly happy with high carb foods. Which means they are also cooking high carb foods. I wasn’t taking chances so I cooked myself, and for whoever wanted to have some, some saffron chicken thighs with asparagus.

I was happy to see that there were quite a few Keto options on the menu including kababs, grilled chicken, fish and shrimp. Yum. I was able to have a nice plate of a variety of goodies that fit into my Keto macros.

One thing I have learned so far on Keto is that you get full fast and for quite some time. It becomes difficult to “stuff your face” so to speak. Something that in my family, especially at get togethers, we excel at.

I found it easy to say no to birthday cake later in the afternoon. This is a sure sign that the reason I am doing this is stronger than the temptation of going back to old habits. As Keto becomes more lifestyle than “something I’m trying” saying no to carbs will get easier and easier. Who knows, maybe I will even get to a point where there’s no temptation or cravings for carbs at all…

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