Day 19: What Am I Doing Wrong?

I’m very aware that the first week to ten days, I was losing water weight. A whole 7 lbs the first week and 1 more the second week. So far nothing this week. As a matter of fact, my weight has been fluctuating up and down. Give or take a pound. So what’s wrong?

Weight fluctuations are normal and anyone will go up or down a few pounds during a single day. However, when you are starting a Keto diet and your fat burning mechanism is in swing, weight loss shouldn’t abruptly stop. It may very well be a clear indicator that something is a little off.

Consider how much water you are taking in. For myself, my water intake had decreased slightly going from approximately 48 oz to 32. When I am talking water, I am not considering liquids such as coffee or tea. These beverages are diuretics and often will dehydrate you more than they hydrate. The water I drink is just water often with collagen or amino acids mixed into it.

The next hypothesis is that the macros are off. There are two possible scenarios: consuming too many carbs and being pulled out of ketosis or consuming too many proteins that the body then turns into glucose for storage. Either way, this leaves the fat intake too low for the body to get into ketosis. In my case, I already consume quite a bit of protein, so the possibility that my protein intake be a little hight with regards to the amounts of fat I am consuming is very likely.

Today, I am increased both my fat intake as well as my water intake. I hope to see a change in the next few days. Positive change of course. I will re-evaluate in a few days and adjust accordingly.

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