Day 5: Eating Out on Keto – Help!

Today was a big day. A bit scary in terms of my Keto diet. I had a networking lunch to attend, and it’s not like I could skip it… I am the one who runs it. Running the meeting is not a problem. Eating out on day 5 was a little nerve racking. I kept wondering if there would be anything that I would be able to eat and enjoy. I had come to the conclusion that in a worst case scenario, I would take my meal to go and someone at home would eat it.

The truth is, at these meetings, I talk a lot. I am entertaining and animating. The only time I actually sit down is while my guest speaker is speaking. And since I have been feeling so full on the Keto Diet so far, I figured that with a good breakfast, I could likely hold off till the meeting was over and I was back home to eat a Keto meal. But that was only my worst case scenario. I had every intention of asking the waiter what my options are. And so I did.

Oh how blessed I felt when he explained that his girlfriend is following a Keto diet as well. He was able to make a Keto friendly recommendation and I was able to enjoy a lovely Greek salad with a beautiful grilled chicken. Yum!

You see, I am a total newbie at the Keto diet and even though I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to health, wellness and nutrition, even I feel insecure when it comes to things unknown. I have yet to learn so much about Keto and especially eating out on a Keto diet. Every day I get more and more excited about my Keto lifestyle and the learning that goes along with it.

Published by May

May Baydoun did all the “right” things and followed all the “right” steps. But she knew deep down that there was more to life than getting an education, getting married, having children... There had to be more than just the cards you are dealt. Watching her children play, she overheard her daughter saying “... just like mommy”. The sudden realization that her children, her daughters especially, would grow up to be just like mommy frightened her deeply. She was the role model of what a woman can be in this life and at that time, May wasn’t satisfied with who she was nor what she stood for. She was nothing more than her mother had shown her to be... A woman in her thirties, married with young children putting her dreams and ambitions on a permanent hold to raise a family. In that moment, she fully understood that she could not expect her children to become more or better than she was willing to be herself. It was a harsh reality check; and in that moment, she made the decision she would become the best version of herself she could be because she HAD to be the best possible role model for her children. That powerful decision, her awakening, meant that she could no longer accept the average life she had led up until that point. She set out on a wild journey of deep self-discovery. Not only of who she was, but who she wanted to be and how to become that woman who had that life. Along the way, she made the discovery of the law of attraction and suddenly her whole life made sense. The good luck... The bad luck... The past decade of her life. It all made sense. She had created it all. And if she could create it, then she could dis-create it and re-create something new. She began testing the theory and in no time was proven right. Fully trusting the Universe, she allowed herself to be led on the journey. She has had the beautiful blessing of learning from so many great thought leaders and piecing together the many pieces of life’s intriguing puzzle. Over a decade later, she has discovered her life purpose, and is living it fully. Now that the student has become a master, she teaches others the principles that have led to her radical life transformation and how they too can leverage (or hack) the Universe to get anything they want... without breaking any of the laws!

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