Day 4: Weight and Measurements

I probably should have done this on day 1, but I don’t always have time to stop and measure the circumference of various body parts for the sake of record keeping. However, I do want to keep score of the changes in my body and I want something measurable to validate all the efforts I am putting into my Keto diet. I had initially weighed myself on day 1 and I weighed in at 188.6 lbs (first thing in the morning). Today, it the mid afternoon, I weighed 185.2 lbs. That’s a 3.4 lbs drop!

Yes I know! Most of this is water weight as I was not yet in ketosis. Although tonight I know I am in ketosis. For starters it’s 10:15 pm and I am WIDE awake. I usually zonk out at 9-ish. I also have Keto breath (yuck and yay all at once). And I’m not hungry. Really and seriously, not hungry. I skipped lunch all together today. Not because I was trying to or because I wanted to, but because the urge to eat didn’t hit me at all today. I made myself have dinner to be sure I don’t go too long through the night without food. I am all for intermittent fasting, but I’m used to 16 hours, not more. I am not quite ready to deviate from that too much.

Now for the big moment. My before measurements:

  • Weight: 185.2 lbs
  • Body Fat: 39.8%
  • Neck: 14″
  • Chest (Under the arms and above the breasts): 41.5″
  • Bust (the nipple line): 43″
  • Waist (the natural waist line): 38″
  • Abdomen (halfway between the navel and pubic bone): 41″
  • Hips (the widest part): 46.5″
  • Right Thigh (largest part) : 26.5″
  • Left Thigh (largest part): 26.25″
  • Right Calf (largest part): 16.5″
  • Left Calft (largest part): 16.75″
  • Right Arm (around mid biceps): 12″
  • Left Arm (around mid biceps): 12.25″

There you have it! The starting reference. Can’t wait to see how it changes and how quickly too. I will do my best to get some before pictures taken tomorrow.

Published by May

A Mind-Body Wellness Advocate dedicated to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, May began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. Although still a certified trainer, she chooses to change the world one person at a time from her clinic in the west of Montreal where she practices. A certified sport therapist, she has accumulated a collection of certifications in various health and healing modalities that allow her to effectively fix human bodies. Try as you might, you cannot take the personal trainer out of May. She has expanded her healing practice to include life coaching with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.

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