The Nice Weather

May Baydoun - Life Coach - Summer Sunset
May Baydoun – Life Coach – Summer Sunset


The warm weather is upon us and it feels great!  Montreal winters are way too long.  From mid-September to just about early to mid-May, the weather is too cool to get go out without a sweater or lite jacket.  In other words, no hot t-shirt or sundress days during those almost 8 months.  This leaves us only four months in which to enjoy the hot weather.  Needless to say that summer in Montreal is short, and when we get a few rainy days, summer can feel even shorter.

A few weeks ago, on Mother’s Day, we were lucky enough to get one of those clear skies, warm, sunny, no jackets required kind of days.  We enjoyed a nice family drive with the windows down, music playing and children chattering.  As I enjoy this moment of bliss, the thought of enjoying this kind of weather all year round came tempting me.

There was once a time I would have traded almost anything to get out of Montreal and go live somewhere nice and warm.  Those days are gone!  The fact of the matter is that back then, I knew nothing of mindfulness, gratitude and creating life on my own terms.  I was looking for an escape to get away from my life and start fresh.  A strategy that would have probably failed considering the issues that needed to be resolved would have followed me wherever I went.

I’ve come along way!  The desire to escape and start fresh is long gone.  By working through what I didn’t like in my life I was able to create huge change.  Having learn to be grateful for the things in my life, I’m able to enjoy all the seasons that my Montreal has to offer.  I don’t foresee any major relocating in my future.  I’m too busy enjoying the moment!


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