Celebrating Motherhood

May Baydoun - Life Coach - Celebrating Motherhood
May Baydoun – Life Coach – Celebrating Motherhood

This journal entry was written in my personal journal on Mother’s Day 2018.

Today, in many parts of the world, it is a celebration of motherhood.  Something that I personally celebrate throughout the year with special moments I get to spend with my mother and watching my kids enjoy their time with Grandma.  I am grateful for these moments.  Grateful for her still being here so we can enjoy her presence.  Grateful to be living close by and to be able to visit whenever.  Grateful I get to chill on the sofa with her, while sipping tea and watching Family Feud on TV.  The best is when she makes me a panini grilled cheese on pita sandwich.  Yum!

When it comes to Mom, it’s really the small things.  Being a mother myself I get to witness the other side of the metal.  The thrill my children get out of surprising me with Mother’s Day gifts makes my heart melt.  For me, it isn’t about what they make me or do for me on that day, but rather the excitement I get to see in their eyes when they present me with my surprise!

This morning I was treated to my morning coffee and breakfast in bed.  I shared the breakfast and enjoyed the coffee.  But the best part was having the whole family in the bed, dog included, laughing and enjoying a moment in time.

As challenging as being a mother can be, I do my best to enjoy it all.  I’m not the perfect Mom.  I don’t think such a thing exists.  I know deep down I’m doing a great job.  And every once in awhile I get reminded of it by those who get to watch me being a mom without really knowing me.  Being told by my children’s Jiu-Jitsu Sensei that I do a great job and my children are so well behaved is just one example of how the effort I put into being a mom are noticed.

All moms are great moms and to me all women are moms.  Whether biological or not, to humans, or fur-babies, or simply a mentor for someone in need of it.  All women are mothers and so I wish all women a happy Mother’s Day.


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Published by May

A Mind-Body Wellness Advocate dedicated to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, May began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. Although still a certified trainer, she chooses to change the world one person at a time from her clinic in the west of Montreal where she practices. A certified sport therapist, she has accumulated a collection of certifications in various health and healing modalities that allow her to effectively fix human bodies. Try as you might, you cannot take the personal trainer out of May. She has expanded her healing practice to include life coaching with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.

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