2017 – A Year of Change

May Baydoun - Life Coach - 2017 - A Year of Change
May Baydoun - Life Coach - 2017 - A Year of Change
May Baydoun – Life Coach – 2017 – A Year of Change Photo Credit: http://www.pexel.com

Only a few days remain to 2017.  Looking back on the year that is soon to come to a close, my heart swells with gratitude.  At the end of 2016, I made a life altering choice.  I made the decision that in 2017, I would make myself a priority.  Little did I know that decision would serve as the catalyst that would shape 2017 for me.

Putting myself first meant that I would let life guide me to where I need to be and what I needed to do.  It meant that I would cater to my health and wellness, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It meant that I would make time to do simple things for myself.  The things that for far too long had taken a back seat to my crazy hectic mom schedule.  Things like daily showers, great hair and make-up.  The things that make me feel good came back to the top of my priority list.  If I felt I need to take a certain course or seminar, or to be at a particular event; I made sure I did exactly that!  I even left my kids in the care of family members for sleepovers for the first time in 8 years.

The results for 2017 are an amazing combination of increased confidence and exponential personal growth.  I have come so far from being the shy, unsure girl with so much to offer the world and no idea how to do it; to becoming the strong, grounded, unshakable woman, deeply rooted in who I am and divinely guided to help others transform their lives for the better.

My journey is only beginning.  2018, I’m certain, will bring more growth and incredible change for myself and those who’s lives I have the privilege of touching.  Looking back, I am extremely proud of how far I have come.  Looking forward, in 2018 my goal is to put myself out there and change lives, one person at a time.


Ladies…  Moms…  Are you feeling like the world has you stuck where you are?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with having to be everything for everyone?  Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself along the way?  Your belief systems may be holding you back and keeping you from living the life you want!  We can change the beliefs that limit you into beliefs that propel you forward.  Expect to get unstuck!  Expect to find balance and clarity in your life!  Expect to rediscover who you truly are and what your purpose really is!  Get back to life!  Find out how I can help you take major steps forward by visiting http://maybaydoun.com.


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Published by May

A Mind-Body Wellness Advocate dedicated to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, May began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. Although still a certified trainer, she chooses to change the world one person at a time from her clinic in the west of Montreal where she practices. A certified sport therapist, she has accumulated a collection of certifications in various health and healing modalities that allow her to effectively fix human bodies. Try as you might, you cannot take the personal trainer out of May. She has expanded her healing practice to include life coaching with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.

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