I’m Mad at You but Happy Anniversary

Much like plants, relationships require care, nurturing and love to grow and blossom into something unique and beautiful.  A marriage is like an orchid.  An orchid that goes through continuous cycles of the good (picture an orchid in full bloom), the bad (the beautiful orchid sheds its blossoms), and the ugly (while the orchid goes through a period with bare branches as it grows new leaves and roots).


For a marriage to work, you need to constantly give it love, caring, understanding and compromise.  It goes both ways.  Both partners need to be fully committed to giving this orchid everything they’ve got.  Good, bad or ugly!  And let me tell you that it can get pretty ugly!  But the blossoms that will come back when the ugly has passed are so worth it.

My husband and I have just celebrated 10 years of marriage.  A few weeks before our anniversary, our orchid was bare!  Yes, even after 10 years, we still have our ups and downs.  As our anniversary approached, I had a choice to make…  I could stay upset with my husband and skip the celebrations or I could put our differences aside for a moment and celebrate the fact that 10 years ago we set out on an awesome adventure that has taken us on an amazing rollercoaster ride.

The deciding factor was that we only get to celebrate our 10th anniversary once.  There are no retakes.  I can’t be rescheduled.  It’s here and now.  So, I chose to put my issues aside and fully immerse myself in the fact that we are blessed to be celebrating our 10th anniversary.  In doing so, I feel I have set the tone for the next 10 years.  As a matter of fact, I can’t even tell you why I was upset with him in the first place.

I know this orchid of ours is blossoming again and I plan on enjoying its beauty for as long as it will last.

Published by May

A Mind-Body Wellness Advocate dedicated to helping people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, May began her career as a personal trainer over 20 years ago. Although still a certified trainer, she chooses to change the world one person at a time from her clinic in the west of Montreal where she practices. A certified sport therapist, she has accumulated a collection of certifications in various health and healing modalities that allow her to effectively fix human bodies. Try as you might, you cannot take the personal trainer out of May. She has expanded her healing practice to include life coaching with a focus on lifestyle and wellness.

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